AUGUST REIGN is a women’s multi-brand fashion boutique based in Vancouver, Canada. Our boutique offers the most sought-after styles from a curated selection of designers originating from both Europe and North America. Our personal stylists work one-on-one with clients in an intimate shopping experience to create exciting and compelling looks from the most sought-after designers. In addition to a physical storefront, AUGUST REIGN has an online presence through social media platforms and website. This has helped build brand recognition, following, which drives both online and offline sales. We believe that our experienced tech and marketing team will push our name to a global reach. Established by Ray and Annaleen, the boutique reflects their personal tastes and vision with the aim to elevate Vancouver's atmosphere by not only bringing in new trends, but also creating a positive community that empowers each other. Our plan is to open our third shop in 2021, and our private clubhouse in 2022. With a big vision for the future and a focus on the present, we are going to do it right, step by step.